Who is j something from micasa dating

Levels is the second studio album by south african rapper aka, released by vth season it is the follow-up to his debut release, altar ego the album was made available a week before its originally announced july 8 release date on june 30, 2014 burna boy, da les, sarkodie and mi casa's lead vocalist, j'something. By the time i got to high school i was fascinated by something else, the older std9 and 10 i was being called by all the younger kids as ta j not because the globe is, “what has been your greatest achievement to date. J'something and cordelia are one of sa's sweetest celebrity couples micasa frontman, j'something broke thousands of hearts in 2016.

Be my woman lyrics: chorus j something (mi casa) / will you be my woman, be my woman / will you ( i really wanna make you mine) be my.

Trouble began when the scenes with micasa were being shot in yeoville, fans rushed to take selfies with j'something, and wanted be on camera the video currently has no release date, but, we give you a behind the.

Mi casa has had some fun experiences together so as it turned out, j' something's first date with his now wife, coco was actually set up by. Micasa's j'something and wife coco got married last year, had the most loved up and most liked photo on instagram, resulting in a few. The mi casa lead vocalist has never been too shy to show the world just how much he loves his wife, cordelia godi. J'something tweeted to his fans asking them to nominate their town for a free concert the mi casa frontman has asked fans to nominate their cities and goodthingsguy on facebook & twitter to keep up to date with good.

Who is j something from micasa dating

Household band, mi casa will present their latest studio album, familia for one night catch j'something and his bandmates on stage at the good luck bar.

  • Micasa's lead singer, j'something (real name joão fonseca), has taken his passion for food and become a south african celebrity chef in his.
  • For the months of july and august mi casa front man, j'something collaborate with ucook picture: seth delivery date: 13 august.

João da fonseca, known to his fans as local music group mi casa's frontman j' something, has parlayed his music career into a business. From launching a book, to opening a restaurant and being a judge on my kitchen rules sa, j'something had an epic 2017 although he.

Who is j something from micasa dating
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